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Friday, March 15, 2019

Yusuf Buhari And The Scar From Bike Accident (Photo)

via Yusuf Buhari - May Heavens Grant Him Total Healing.

I saw Yusuf Buhari's NYSC discharge pic and he was looking so haggard and clearly still suffers a lot of pains.

he use to be a very cheerful and nice looking guy.

you see him you instantly know he is the kind of guy that wants to make everybody around him happy. its very clear he inherited his mothers kind heart.

but look at him now - look into his eyes and tight lips and you will see he still suffers so much pains from the bike accident.

in as much as i don't like his father largely due to his meanness and nonchalant attitude to other peoples pains , i still believe yusuf doesn't deserve what happened to him. sins of the father shouldn't be visited on the offspring.

besides, its not yusuf's fault that his parents are very rich therefore he has every right to enjoy his father's wealth. if he chooses to buy a private jet, so long as he can source the fund for it, he should buy it and it should take him to wherever he desire with it safely!

I wish Nigerian youths should just STOP bashing him but rather say some prayers for the poor innocent boy he has really suffered enough.

We as Nigerians are generally known for our kind heart. please find it in you to say a little decent and healing pray for this innocent boy.

May healing find him. may heavens grant him total healing. Amen.

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