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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Iran exploits US apathy in crippled Lebanon

There's a fascination, almost a comedy, about countries that indulge in extreme mismanagement. We laugh at North Korea, despite its tyranny and famines. We satirise Central Asian dictators and coups in Latin America, for all their well-documented horrors. We sometimes forget that these countries also kill their citizens, destabilise neighbours and suck in intervention-minded greater powers with long-term consequences.

Lebanon doesn't have the same extremes of authoritarianism but it is fast becoming a laughing stock, despite the appalling human costs of its almost complete economic and political breakdown.

The latest joke came at the weekend, when the national electricity grid switched itself off. You read that right: here is a modern country, in the middle of the oil-rich Middle East, with a full panoply of

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