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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Is Love At First Sight Really Love?

via Come to think, how did I even meet you? First time I met you, the world seemed not to exist, nothing else matters with just the two of us in the cosmos. The world can move as fast as it wants, or it can wait, it is no concern of mine, so long as I have you beside me.

Everything seems to revolve around this person, you dream about them, in the day your thoughts are filled with them. Even when you are alone, you just laugh by yourself when you remember their face or something loving about them. And yes the mushy feelings that comes with love are the most beautiful; that butterfly that flutters in your stomach when you see the one your heart loves and of course your heart does multiple backflips when you just look at the person and you cannot just help it but to thank God for gifting you with this wonderful person of a human. And because you have this person’s love, you consider yourself the most lucky individual on earth.

The relationship progresses after the confession of feelings and profession of love and one day, you wake up from the bed, or halt midway while dicing an onion in the kitchen, and look up to your partner and then ask the question “how did I meet you anyway?”.

This is really funny, because it is legit and real. One minute we are head over heels with someone. The next minute, we cannot wait to have them out of our hair. They become the most annoying individual on earth. If you are in a relationship already you will find this is true. I mean, maybe before you were her knight in shining armour and she was the damsel in distress, but now she is a fierce woman and does not really need your help as she once did. And that seems to irk you a lot.

See, we tend to fall for the perfect image or character of the person we love. There is this ideal picture we have painted as a result of love, we have carved them out and placed them on the epicentre of our minds. We think the person to be flawless; this comes with emotional love though, it tends to blind us and impede our reasoning even though there are glaring evidences right in front of us.

So we go on and love that character in our heads, forgetting they are humans like us and then one day we wake up, viola!! The scales fallen from our eyes, our feet has touched earth again. We are jerked back to reality and then when we look at the love of our lives, we begin to ask ourselves “how on God’s green earth did I even choose this person?”

“Why?” Because we are back to reasoning, we now realise that the breath of the love of our lives, doesn’t smell like strawberries anymore or roses in bloom, rather they stink like that of a goat. We find that their snore even makes us wake up at night to ask them what is happening. We look at them and we are shocked. We do not know what is happening, how we met this person, how to remedy the situation or cope with the changes; Relax, it happens.

If you see getting into a relationship or you want to let yourself love, you can do yourself a favor by letting go of image of a perfect person in order not to be disappointed. I mean getting to know someone and adjusting to that person and their way of life is one hell of a work, but then, you do not want to sit down to cross off all you had on your list about your ideal person.

It is okay to have an idea of the kind of person you want, but what is not okay is you thinking that the ideal man or woman will be prince or princess chamming; and I mean charming in all sense of the word.

By now it should be no news to you that no one is perfect. Everyone is flawed one way or the other. Everyone has that streak which is going to be annoying to you. If you are looking to get a perfect partner, you are not going to see one. In fact, you will have to wait your whole lifetime to get one, and yet you will not see any; I kid you not. So in order not to get disappointed or box yourself in the corner, let go of those perfect pictures in your head, l’ve and love.

Now, this is not going to stop the surprises from popping up in your relationship. It is not going to stop your partner from farting and telling you they have lactose intolerance. Rather, it will make you look up at them and ask “how did I meet you anyway”, and they will shrug, and you will look into their eyes and realize how fortunate you are to have them in your life while you both laugh at each other, indeed, love happens at first sight.

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