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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Reaction As Nigerian Lady, Amara Records Altercation With Mom Over Her Sexuality

via A Nigerian-based lesbian has sparked reactions online for recording an altercation with her mother over her sexuality, Igbere TV reports.

Many online users have rebuked the lady, identified as Amara, for recording a conversation that should have something private between the lady and her mum.

In the 1 minute long video obtained by Igbere TV, Amara could be heard saying,
"Mummy, I'm done... I'm done trying... I'm not your problem... I'm not a sin; I'm not a bad thing; I'm not your problem; I don't believe that it is my fault people are judgemental... It's not my fault people are pointing fingers at me while I walk."

Amara's mother could be heard in the background, suggesting that Amara was the one who gave people who were pointing fingers at her "breaking news." "Na you give them topic naw," her mother could be heard saying calmly.

Amara responded, saying, "I'm the one that gave them topic?... I'm very sorry people are pointing fingers at you, but I don't believe it is my fault. It is their [referring to the judgemental people's] fault. It is not my fault we are living in Nigeria where these things are hard."

Her mother responded that she [the mother] was the one at fault before Amara later ended the video.

While many believe that no part of the video that Amara shared online proves that her mother is homophobic or violent towards her, many believe Amara is trying to use the video as evidence to seek asylum in a country that protects homosexuals in Nigeria is not a country that does.

It was gathered that Amara was sent abroad when she was 15 years old before returning to her home as a 'lesbian.'

See reaction below;

"Why is this conversation not private? That woman was not even sounding homophobic or something, she’s probably stressed from judgment from people, this girl really want people to drag her mother on social media?” a user identified as Caramel asked.

“The woman was still speaking calmly sef, even while she was raising her voice, sounds like someone she just needs to sit and have an actual conversation with!”

“She is from a well to do home! She went abroad for schooling as young as when she was 15years Old. I am still in shock about how she veered off.”

“She dey compile her japa Resume with this video.”

“I really don't get why parents can't have honest conversation with their children these days without the child recording and posting on social media. Must we know everything? Kuku start a reality TV show. Meanwhile, what happened to 14 years again?”

“Amara is one of the most brilliant youngsters I ever taught. Very intelligent and very emotional... I continue to blame the parents for sending her out to school abroad at such an early age without any body acting "In-Loco Parentis.”

“I hope she gets the asylum she is looking for, cause I don't understand all these unnecessary clout.”

“And of course the camera had to be turned on. How else can you convince Canada to grant you asylum because your life is in danger for being Lesbian in Nigeria? God bless the hustle sha. Yeye dey smell.”

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